European Breakdown Cover

Traveling abroad can be exciting and fun but getting stranded in a location where you do not speak the language is no fun at all. European breakdown cover can help. Whether you are traveling for pleasure or for business purposes, the right breakdown policy can save your trip from becoming interrupted or completely spoiled.

Get the Right Policy

Not all breakdown policies are the same, so it is important to get the right one. It needs to offer assistance in the countries that are on your list of places to go. It should cover the car that you are driving, which means it must cover a vehicle of the age and type you are driving. It must also cover the type of trip you are taking, whether it is for pleasure or for work. Purchasing the wrong policy will only lead to disappointment. The right policy will be like having a good friend you can call when trouble strikes.

Coverage for Multiple Countries and Situations

Let’s suppose for just a minute that you want to go on a motor tour of Europe. Most of it is just for fun, but you also have a business conference in Paris that you must attend, and you might be visiting some clients along the way. You will take in a concert in Sweden, visit the Louvre in Paris, look at the remains of the Wall in Berlin, explore some Basque artwork and knitting, then view running with the bulls in Spain. This is going to involve many miles of driving, most of it through unfamiliar terrain. You will want a policy that will have contacts in each country, that will cover not only pleasure driving but also business travel, and that will have a hotline in your native language. That’s a pretty tall order, but many insurance companies with breakdown policies can do just that.

Age of Your Vehicle

Breakdown policies have vehicle age limits for good reason. The older your vehicle, the more likely it is to develop mechanical problems and the harder it is going to be to obtain parts. If you are planning a motor tour, it is a very good idea to have a vehicle that is less than ten years old and that is in excellent repair before you start. The exception might be if you were taking part in a classic car race or similar event, in which case you would want an entirely different sort of insurance. Signing up for some types of breakdown insurance needs to occur within the first two years of a vehicle’s life, and then be kept up during subsequent years. Fortunately, the roadside assistance type is usually available for most vehicles under 15 years in age and when in good repair at establishing the policy.

Limited Call Outs

If you are vacationing in Europe, you are unlikely to exceed the limit for the number of times you can call on your breakdown cover for assistance. However, if you have a regular sales or meeting circuit, you might want to consider the number of times per year that your policy will cover. Most insurance companies with breakdown policies prefer customers to keep their vehicle in good repair and that they will take steps to avoid situations such as running down the battery or leaving keys inside the vehicle. After a specified number of responses, you might find yourself relying solely on local response agencies. You can avoid this sort of scenario by taking good care of your vehicle and maintaining it in the best possible working order, something you will want to do anyway. Even with the best breakdown policy in the world, you don’t want to spend your vacation or work time dealing with auto repairs.